Friday, November 19, 2010

Devastating News...

It is with great sadness that I write this blog. A little over a month ago we darted one of our white rhino male bulls for ear notching, DNA/Blood sample collection and and micro-chipping - all anti-poaching efforts. This same rhino was slaughtered this week at the hand of poachers. Him and our breeding bull. They were both darted and their horns hacked off.
We are devastated to say the least. The police investigation is currently under way and we can only hope that some form of justice will be served. This is a huge loss to the Amakhala Game Reserve.


  1. So very sad - we have become a statistic! This is becoming a war - WHAT do we do??!! Its just wrong!

  2. Dear Hillsnek Team and Rangers (Brent,Maggie Andy et al)We were devasted to belatedly read this awful news it must have been shattering for you all and trust that you are able to pick yourself up to carry on your fabulous work. It was of no surprise to us to read the 14/14 exemplary reviews that Hillsnek has received over the last year and i hope it is some small acknowledgement for the brilliant work you have all done in making Hillnek/Amakala the best 3 days our family have ever shared together. Best wishes Wayland and Lucy W-S